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What to cut, when to cut, and how much to cut, varies according to the.

Apr 02, Most lilacs don’t require pruning until they reach about 6 to 8 feet ( m.) tall. The best time for pruning lilac bushes is right after their flowering has ceased. This allows new shoots plenty of time to develop the next season of blooms. Pruning lilacs too late can kill young developing buds.

If you are pruning lilac trees or shrubs entirely to within inches of the ground, it is best to do so in early spring. Jul 08, When to Prune Lilac Bushes.

Trim an older bush that has not been cared for to a height of 8 inches in the early spring.

Many of the newer lilac varieties grow quickly and might need pruning starting in their second or third year. In general, by the time a stem reaches more than 2 inches in diameter, it should be pruned. If you are diligent with annual pruning of your lilac, the shrub will grow to about 8 feet tall with flowers throughout the branches.

Don’t shear them as you would a hedge. Lilacs are not meant to have this sheared look, and don’t have the branch structure leant to this. Rather, prune each major branch back to a side shoot.

Remember, as with pruning any shrubs or trees, the shoot or bud just below where you prune will grow out in the direction it is pointing.

What is the proper way to get a lilac under control?

How to Trim Lilacs. Lilacs are large bushes that bloom with panicles of purple, white or pink flowers for about a month every spring. Pruning helps promote the overall vigor of the plant. Trimming. Apr 28, To prune your lilacs, start deadheading in early-to-late spring by cutting the flowers at their base just after they’ve reached their peak.

You should also cut any flowers that are already dying so they don’t sap energy that could be used for new growth%(4). The Best Time to Trim a Lilac Bush. Lilac bushes are capable of producing huge quantities of blooms in colors ranging from pure white to deep purple.

Many varieties' flowers have a strong. May 19, You are in USDA gardening zone 6. Your Miss Kim lilac is a slow growing plant, reaching only ' tall and wide at maturity.

It will bloom when it establishes itself in your landscape. Just be a little patient with it and you'll be rewarded with beautiful flowers. As for pruning your standard lilac, here are a few things to keep in mind: Lilacs. Aug 21, For lilac, that can be a few years.

For hydrangeas and forsythia, it might be only three years, or even two years for a vigorous plant. Abelia is more variable. Stems bloom less and become more gnarly as they age. I prefer to prune all such plants while bare in winter.

Mistake #5: You decide not to prune. Shrubs without pruning. Why it’s bad: Not pruning is probably the most common pruning mistake among gardeners. Some are fearful to make drastic cuts because they think it will cause more harm than good; others worry that any pruning will leave unsightly holes aggressive pruning of lilac bushes set back the growth of a plant.